Chance: Where are we?

My turn to blog.

One morning we packed up the car and took off.  We had enough food for me to survive for ten days…and I took two balls and two leashes…and a water dish..and bottles of water…and a few Milk Bones and various other treats. I was not going to starve to death.

I got brushed real good before getting into the car.

Motel’s that have elevators are scary.  I hit the deck..and shivered and shook until it stopped moving…I now have a fear of little rooms with only one door.

We stopped at Sue, Joe, Big Jake and Buddy’s place …Big Jake growled at me and Buddy barked. Sue and Joe were happy to see me!

Then we drove and drove..until dark.

The next morning I woke up Far Side really early…


It was foggy..I could hardly see a thing.  Far Side wandered around in her jammies in the fog.


It was warm..well warmer than Minnesota.

The lake at Jan and Rons

Some trees still had leaves..and the grass was still green.  When the fog lifted I saw the lake. Yes, I went in for a dip.

Who lives here?


Meet Ernie..or Ern..or Ernest..he has lots of names.  He is just a little thing..I inadvertently sat on him one day..poooor Ernie.  Over the years most of his teeth went missing..he has about four left..he can only be fed small bits of food.  He has a bum leg..but he ran around pretty good while I was there.  He ran around with me in the yard..he led Far Guy through all the neighbor yards early one morning..poor old Ernie probably forgot where he lived.

Far Guy’s sister lives with Ernie..she likes me too:)

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3 Responses to Chance: Where are we?

  1. I am so glad I got to hear about your trip,Chance. I know that you have to be the best of travelers. A long time ago we brought a good dog named Annie (Australian Sheepdog pup) all the way to MN from California. Dogs are good travelers.
    But you of course, are the BEST.

  2. PS to Chance: I forgot to tell you about Charlie the poodle who lived with my mother and father in law. He went with us (2 familes ) all the way to Alaska back in 1977 and was a good boy until the day he found something dead and rotten in a ditch and rolled in it. He got a very cold bath right by the side of the road and shivered inside towels and blankets for many miles after that.
    It really was a version of TRAVELS WITH CHARLIE!!

  3. Sharron says:

    Oh, Chance, so good to see you again, Buddy. We took our dachshund and our African Grey parrot with us to Minnesota this past Summer in our motor home. They both enjoy traveling. Good to see you again.

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