Shoe Tree

The shoes were all over in the tree.  Some had rotten laces and littered the ground.  There were all kinds of shoes and boots and slippers.

Crossroads near Milltown Indiana

These county crossroads near Milltown Indiana are the place to stop to see the Shoe Tree. It is one of those narrow roads out in the country where they don’t even mark the center of the road..where there is barely room for two vehicle to meet.

Original Shoe Tree This is the original Shoe was on the South East corner of the was hit by lightening and most of the tree burned down along with a fair amount of shoes.

Shoe Tree out of the ordinary

Someone started a new collection just across the road.  I didn’t have a pair of Crocs to donate..but maybe someday..Crocs last practically forever you know:)

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2 Responses to Shoe Tree

  1. This is the Indiana version of the cowboy boots on the fence posts in Montana!
    Better than Bras On Broadway for sure.
    A marking place that goes on and on like the signs up in Watson Lake , Yukon Territory. Neat customs !!!!

  2. Jan - Alexandria says:

    There is one of these up in the high desert in California…below Big Bear at a dry lake bed. So fun to see all the various shoes and wonder why they leave ones that look to be in such good condition!

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