Chance: The lake is frozen

Something happened to the lake.  Far Side says it is FROZEN.   It was a little cold on my feet and solid.

Frozen Water

It seems like it happened overnight.

Are you nuts

I was a little wary..especially when the ice began to crack under Far Guys feet. You could watch the ice crack as he walked..scary.

Really Nuts

Look out Far Guy ..are you nuts?  Who will save you?  Probably not Far Side in her socks and Crocs.  I am not strong enough to drag you to shore..but maybe I can bark and help will come before you freeze to death.

He finally came to his senses and came ashore with me!

If it stays clear and cold it will be great ice for skating.

Millpond is frozen

Far Side says maybe it will be  Magic Ice this year:)

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One Response to Chance: The lake is frozen

  1. First Ice…. Chance….I like your blog about it. One time years ago when we first knew
    “Trudy” the Springer who came with our second daugher in law, we fooled her and threw her tennis ball out on smooth ice on our dead river. She twirled round and round like a whirling dervish while we laughed…she did not do it again but carefully dug her claws into the ice when we threw the ball again. Fool me once….fool me twice..NO DICE! She was a smart girl.

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