Tuesday Before Turkey Day

We are finishing up projects..nothing earth shattering..just stuff.

Our oldest daughter Trica and family moved into a different house over the weekend.  Thank goodness the weather cooperated, it was 40 degrees and sunshine. Jen, Andy and the boys came to help.  I cooked lunch to take along.   Sloppy Joes, potato salad, chips and cookies..to keep the teen age grands fueled and on the move.  When you are moving the last thing you need to worry about is a meal.  Noah was not sure that he would like the sloppy joe..he said “What if I don’t like it?”  I assured him if he tasted it and didn’t like it that it would not go to waste..that I would eat it for him.  Four buns filled with sloppy joe mix later he was full..and declared them “pretty good.”  Adam could not be talked into a taste..I said “fine eat chips then”..so he did.  The girls packed it away pretty good too..Maddie loved the potato salad ( three helpings worth).  Paige wanted to know what was in it and wondered if it really had potatoes..duh?  ( Paige doesn’t like potatoes.)

We had quite a conversation at the table..one I am sure the grands will not forget..it involved the “p” word ( Paige said it first.) I continued on with the “p” word and then the “v” word..and then anus because we all have one.   They were giggling so hard they could barely breathe.  My oldest daughter finally said “MOTHER..that is enough.”  I think I might have made a memory! ( I did say the real words right out loud in front of God and everyone…I never got to the rectum..wreck em hell killed em part before I was shushed.)

I was tired after Saturday..moving is not for sissies or old people.

Here at home I turned the pumpkins around to reveal a turkey.  So much for decorating for Thanksgiving!  Easy Peasy:)



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One Response to Tuesday Before Turkey Day

  1. I love your “conversation” with the Grands in spite of daughter’s “Oh really Mothers” statements! I do the same with mine and they love it. I have not heard that “rectum hell it nearly killed ’em” line for a long time but I heard it long ago when another teenage friend told me the joke! Nyuk Nyuk! We had our laughs didn’t we?
    I wish you and Farguy and Chance (my darling dog who belongs to others) and the whole family have a wonderful day together on Thursday.
    We will have one of our families and my retired teacher friend (and Rocky the Grandog) with us. I like to call Rocky— “Rocket Man” and tell my daugher in law about Elton John–she gets annoyed with me I think.
    We plan to play raucous word games after the big dinner on Thursday. I plan to make a small poster for the TV screen that day—- “No Burping…No F – – – ting…No dozing…THIS MEANS YOU!!!!” It is directed at the males in the family.

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