Thanksgiving Dinner

Do you know where your Thanksgiving Dinner came from?

Did you have pumpkin pie?

Pumpkin Fields in Indiana

This is a pumpkin field in southern Indiana.  We also saw a Pumpkin Processing Farm/Plant. Indiana is second only to Illinois in pumpkin production.

Did you have cranberries?

Cranberry Bogs in Wisconsin

These are cranberries bogs in Wisconsin.  They were harvested earlier in the fall.  Cranberries are the largest fruit crop in Wisconsin.

Did you have a turkey?  Minnesota is the largest turkey producer in the United States.

Sure other states grow pumpkins and cranberries and turkeys..but I like to think that I saw the farms where some of our dinner came from.

I should have taken a photo of a turkey production building..I guess I didn’t realize how important Minnesota was to everyone’s Thanksgiving Dinner.

Instead I will share a greeting card with of my favorite photographs of wild turkeys in a corn we don’t have snow on the ground..but by the end of the day we could have a  couple of inches of new snow.

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. I love to see wild turkeys in fields and woods and along rivers.
    I was so sad to read that Glyndon’s special wild turkey was hit and killed along Hiway 10 in that town. I have seen that turkey for months in Glyndon. Apparently it became the “town turkey” and I imagine there was food set out for him or her in many places.
    I wish the turkey could haved lived thru crossing hiway 10 many times…I saw cars come to a stop so the bird could cross..but someone didn’t; probably one of the speeding truckers who never slow down to Glyndon’s 30 mph through the town.

  2. judy says:

    Hi Farside — we had pie made from Lakota squash — yum! Lakota is a native squash but, I believe, the seeds had beeen lost to posterity and had to be re-created through some kind of breeding program. It makes very good pie, anyway.

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