It snowed..the ground is white..but since I am in denial we won’t talk about it anymore.

The other morning we had some heavy frost.  It was lovely.  Very sparkly in the early morning light.

Frosty Sparkles

This is a Tansy that escaped Far Guy..I like is yellow.


Tansy re-seeds itself all over. It is one of those really wild flowers that thrives on drought conditions.  So it grows real well in the wild gardens.

Far Guy wants to keep it under he yanks it from the ground before it has a chance to form seeds.

Chance and I wandered all over the yard in the frost.

Looking at what is left.

Rose Hips

Remembering warmer greener times..IMG_0191

I will wallow around in denial for at least another day..then I will put my big girl snow boots on and tromp around in the snow for the next six months:(

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  1. Have hope! We heard Hutch Johnson say on weather report that it could reach into the 40s in a few days! Maybe another reprieve for short while. We could use a bit more Indian Summer before December and January hit us.
    My birdies (deck birds) wait for me to put out the birdseed and then hop around eating it gratefully.

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