Washing Dishes

Being the oldest child and a girl, I have done my fair share of dishes.  As a teenager I would wait not so patiently for my parents and siblings to finish with their plates so I could get done with the dishes.  Often times I would grab my Dad’s plate when he was just about ready to dish up a second helping.  Standing behind him waiting to snatch the plate as soon as he was done did not make him eat any faster either.

In the early years our water had to be heated up. The kettle was on the stove.  Years later we got a hot water heater and had both hot and cold running water.

I imagine some of you remember when Motels and Resorts would advertise their hot running water. Hot running water was a luxury.


Remember the old dishpans?  They had to be dumped outside when you were finished with the dishes, Most people had two pans one for washing and one for rinsing.

Far Guy and I do not have an automatic dishwasher.  We didn’t want to give up space in our kitchen for something we would rarely use. With just the two of us we don’t use that many dishes anyway.

Jen and Andy don’t have a dishwasher.  Jen hates the icky feeling she gets from touching glasses or plates that have been in a dishwasher.  The boys wash and dry dishes.

The grandgirls are in for  a big shock. Their new place has no dishwasher..

I remember talking with my Dad as I washed and he dried dishes,  Far Guy and I talk whilst washing and drying our few dishes…perhaps dishwashers have taken away from some of our family conversation time:)

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  1. All eldest daughters get a lot of dishwashing time in during their lives as children in their homes! My sister, when she got old enough, was the dish wiper and I was the washer. We never ate early enough on basketball nights when I had to get to the gym early to play in the pep band. I remember the angst because my Dad would not let me go til I had “helped Ma with the dishes.”
    I done’t mind washing a few dishes by hand yet even tho we have had a diswasher since we built our home in 1975-76. I use the small rinse cycle a lot to clean off the dishes before I get a whole load.
    I remember reading Richard Critchfield’s amazing book THOSE DAYS where he tells how he and his sister learned to sing duets in harmony while washing dishes.
    It is also a good conversation time….but if you have a little sister who likes to torment you by commenting on the fact that you have freckles and she doesn’t, conversation often resulted in near-violence!!

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