It snowed

Yes it snowed..the ground is white.  I doubt that it will melt..until spring.  I think this is winter come doesn’t officially arrive for another month (25 days)..the Winter Solstice will arrive at 5:12 AM December 21 2012.  According to the Farmers Almanac..that is the earliest time of arrival since the year 1896.

Chance and the bird feeders

I drug out my winter boots, parka, gloves and hat.  I splurged on new winter gloves and a funny looking hat with snowflakes on it.  I lost the hat already and had to go back into the restaurant and get it.  Far Guy wondered aloud “Perhaps you should have an idiot string on your hat.” Perhaps I should.

I wandered around in the yard looking for some beauty in the newly fallen and falling snow. Looks pretty much like the same old snow to me.  Chance loves to put his nose down in the snow and smell..he does it often so it must feel good..I wonder what he smells?IMG_3353

I got bored and began to watch the birds at the new feeder.

Feeder from Sue and Joe

The Redpolls seem to like the newest feeder..a gift from Sue and Joe in Indiana!

Yes, it is winter here in Minnesota.  Time to hunker down and begin some new projects..or to begin the daily nap schedule:)

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