Wifi, Blue Tooth, On Sat and Garmin

Technology sure is moving along. Us old farts can either embrace it or become hopelessly lost.

Wifi, now that is some word..and how do you pronounce it.  Why-fy or Wiffy?

The Grandkids roll their eyes and laugh out loud if you say Wiffy..so that is what I do.

I had Far Guy ask his sister if they had Wiffy yet?  She had no idea..but someone brought out a box and hooked it up and they can use their laptop upstairs.

I contacted Bethany (our niece) and asked her..she said LOL yes.

Blue Tooth.  Why in the world would anyone name something Blue Tooth..and why is that important and what does it do?  Our new car has Blue Tooth..Far Guy can answer his phone by pressing a button on the steering wheel..and the voice comes on over the radio.  It will make hands free calls for you.  I can tell it to call Jen and it will.   It only works if Far Guy has his phone in the car or within 30 feet of the car.  Bethany’s beau is a computer guru and he helped Far Guy get the Blue Tooth all set up to recognize the cell phone.

On Sat..another new word..let me tell you those people want your credit cards very badly..we did not give it to them..I am not sure why I need On Sat but I have it free for awhile.  I could have bought minutes for their phone system..not sure why I would want that either.

The Gremlin..or Garmin..we call it the Gremlin.  Four years ago, I drove aimlessly around South Bend Indiana looking for a motel that would take a dog..and got lost..hopelessly lost..the only way I found my way back into the city was to go where the bright lights were.  Yes..I followed the light.  Far Guy was so tired..he said “Lets just sleep in the car.”   Eventually I found us a motel.

I wasn’t up to a repeat performance..so I went shopping..the Gremlin works great..she may be re calculating a lot whilst I am driving.. she only got us on one almost cow path in Indiana.


This is a Indiana road..not quite sure where it was..some place around Paoli maybe. No center line..no fog lines..no shoulder and not much of a ditch. Far Guy and I had no idea where we were..but the Gremlin kept directing us..and sooner or later we saw something familiar.


I like that I can program in stops..rest stops and look for gas stations and look at area attractions and for dog friendly Motels!  If I get real bored while Far Guy is driving I can just watch the little car move along on the road map on the purple path:)

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  1. We wandered around rural INdiana roads in 2004 looking for an Amish farm. We enjoyed that day with the real Amish…the ones who are the least advanced in what they do..no elec, no plumbing et al. They ran a super dining place in a bigger town and I have never eated sucha good turkey dinner with all the trimmings!!!
    The name of the bigger town was so Amish I cannot remember at at the moment…they had a huge Amish market there also. The photo of the road reminded me of our ramble in rural Indiana!!!!
    (Shipshewana: I remembered it

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