Wistful Wednesday: 1951

On November 22, 1951 my Maternal Grandmother gave birth to twins, a boy and  a girl.

They are two months and two days younger than me so they never seemed like an Aunt and Uncle.  I didn’t get along with my Aunt..she was terribly spoiled and a brat.  I was great friends with my Uncle and still am.

Karen and Kenneth jpeg

My Aunt Karen would do something bad and blame it on me and my Uncle Kenny.  We would be punished..unfairly and plot our revenge. Yes, I was an evil child..well maybe not evil but there is that old saying and eye for an eye..My Mother would remind me to “Turn the other cheek” which to me seemed impossible and quite stupid…why would I want to do that?

Karen and Kenneth #1 (2)

We were all raised together in the same house for that first winter of our lives in 1952.   My Dad was in Korea and my Mother lived with her parents until he came back in the spring.   It must have been like having triplets.   Can you imagine the diapers?

I would see my Aunt and Uncle at least once a week throughout my growing up years, usually on Sunday as that was the day that we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house..after church..for dinner. ..every Sunday:)

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2 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: 1951

  1. I love the idea of many people living in one house; that was so common in our parents’ generation…also the cloth diapers having to be washed and hung up inside the house…(winter) maybe they froze them on a clothes rack..my mom did that with my sister’s diapers from 1946 until she got potty trained.
    My dad grew up in a three generation household.

  2. PS I wouldn’t love it so much if I had to live it!!!!

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