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2012 In Review

I started a review of what I felt was important back in 2008, I have continued the same format every year. 2008 is in regular type, 2009 in BOLD, 2010 thoughts are in Red, 2011 thoughts are in blue, 2012 … Continue reading

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In-between Days

These in-between days are difficult.  The ones in-between Christmas and New Years. They have become long nap days, and no lets stay home it is too cold to venture out and lets just read books days. We watch the birds … Continue reading

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Circle of Life

Yesterday I sat down to mail out sympathy cards. One to a former customer, her husband died last week.  The other to my cousin in Nevada whose wife died from complications of MS. Last evening I got phone calls from … Continue reading

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December 28, 2012

Five years ago I began to blog.  It began as something to do in the dead of a Minnesota winter and a way of leaving just a small part of me behind for my Grandchildren.  In the beginning I expressed … Continue reading

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The Days After Christmas

We survived!  Everyone seemed to be well fed and well gifted and left us old folks to recoup.  Yes, we were tired.  I may not cook again for awhile.  Although I had really good kitchen help..especially with the clean up! … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Christmas 1952

Christmas 1952, I was one year and three months old.  I lived with my Mom and my Dad at the farm in Carsonville Township in Becker County, Minnesota. My parents took turns taking photos that year. The tree was short..I … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Eve Day

One more day in the kitchen..I am getting real tired of being in there.  Yesterday I played sous chef for Far Guy whilst he made pans of “Cinnamon” Caramel Rolls.  I cooked a huge pork roast so that it was … Continue reading

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Two Dozen Sugar Cookies

Years ago I used to take a Saturday and bake up a storm..dozens of cookies and pumpkin bread would be filling containers and the freezer. Now a days not so much. Yesterday..I managed two dozen sugar cookies and 8 small … Continue reading

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Almost Ready

I am almost ready for Christmas. Two gifts will most likely be delayed..envelopes with photos will have to suffice. ( One is mine..and  I know what it is.) The last of the packages have been wrapped.  The wrapping paper mess … Continue reading

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