Photo Bucket List: Mail Pouch Barns

Recently when we went to Indiana I had several things on my photo bucket list.  A Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn was on the top of my list. Ron( Brother In law) found me a couple of barns.

Mail Pouch Tobacco one

Ron is a Fisherman..he knows all the little back roads to the best fishing spots along the Ohio River.

Mail Pouch Tobacco two

If I had this barn on my property I would trim the trees and put up a bench with a free will donation jar instead of “No Trespassing” signs.

Graffiti (2)

The little village of Lanesville has the right idea, this barn is in their roadside park.

I have always been fascinated with barns..and these were special barns.  At one time there were over 20,000 barns in 22 states that were painted by the West Virginia Mail Pouch Chewing Tobacco Company.   Farmers were paid $1 to $2 a year for allowing the advertisement, the usual colors were black or red with yellow or white capital lettering.  The sides of the barn to be painted with the lettering had to be visible from the road..the rest of the barn was painted any color the famer wanted.  A farmer got someone to paint his entire barn ..what a great idea!  Many of these barns are now historic landmarks.

I kept one eye open for Quilt Barns..I saw only one and the traffic was horrid and the road was Far Guy and I did not stop..maybe next wasn’t a huge quilt anyway:)

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3 Responses to Photo Bucket List: Mail Pouch Barns

  1. C. Heuer says:

    I loved your blog this morning. I wasn’t aware of barns being used in that manner. A very clever idea.

  2. Nice story about MP Barns! It’s nice to know other people enjoy them as much as I do. If you’re interested in seeing others, here’s a bunch that I’ve shot.

  3. I remember all the ads on old barns too. When we went to Maine in fall of 2004 the old gray barns in New England were some of the best sights we saw….at least me!Some of them had the old NE rockwalls around them too and that was a reminder of Robert Frost’s poem about fences. “fences make good neighbors”
    I have a barn calendar for 2012 and hope to find a new one for 2013.
    The old Dutch barns in west. New York were also wonderful sights….they are so huge and some of them were attached by walkways to the farm houses…a pretty common practice in the Netherlands of the past.
    There used to be an old silo in a field east of Glyndon(alonhg Hi-way 10) in my childhood and it had advertising on it long after it was used as a silo.
    Good memories from Indiana.

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