Wistful Wednesday: Christmas Card 1951

Sometimes you find old photo Christmas Cards where you don’t know all the people.  I am sure my Mother knows all the women on this old photo Christmas Card.  I wasn’t born yet when the photo was taken..but I was born (September) before Christmas ..as were my twin Aunt and Uncle (November).

My Mother and Grandmother are in this photo taken sometime in the late spring/summer of 1951. They are both pregnant..but it is hard to tell.

Christmas Card 1951 Mom and Grandma

My Mom has a sweater on and my Grandma is the tallest lady next to my Mom.  Two of the women are wearing slacks..which was quite scandalous for 1951.  They must be dress slacks.  I am not sure if people call trousers or pants slacks anymore.  Growing up I rarely saw my Grandmother in pants..and if she did wear them she was headed to the barn to do chores or to go fishing or it was winter and really cold outside.  In later years Grandma wore pants everywhere..but in the 1950’s and early 1960’s many women still wore dresses everyday.

These ladies were all neighbors of my Grandma, I should recall some of their names..I think the gal next to my Mom is Shirley. The lady on the end has a cute little black purse on her arm.

No one looks real thrilled to be in this photo..line them up looking into the sun and take a photograph.  After all flash bulbs were expensive..so if they could take photos outside they did:)

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  1. What a great memory maker! I could pick out your Mom without any trouble!!!
    You look like her alot!
    I remember the “housedress” days; old ads in our local newspaper ads show them for 3.98 or 4.98 in the 1940s..my Mom wore them every day…with an apron.

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