Minnesota Ice Music

Chance and I went down to the public access to see how the ice was coming along after the warm spell.  Sadly the warm spell is now officially over.

There was no sun, it was a dreary day.  BUT the ice was talking.

I heard it as soon as I got out of the vehicle.  No one was around so Chance was off lead.

Chance Dec 5 Public Access

Chance looked bewildered, his favorite dock was gone and his water was different.  There were noises that made him uneasy.  There was no way he was going to venture out onto the ice by himself. It was making noises..scary noises.

Ice as it expands and contracts makes a groaning moaning sound that moves up and down under the ice.  It is almost as if the ice is talking..hurry..freeze..freeze faster..capture all the water underneath us before it warms up again. Sometimes it seems like the ice and the water are locked in some kind of a battle.  The water should just give up..the ice will win anyway.

Millpond Dec 05

Minnesota Ice Music..I remember cold nights at the resort when Far Guy would come home from work and say he heard the ice as soon as he got out of the car after his 90 mile trip home at the end of a long day.

When I take Chance out late at night..I can hear the same icy Minnesota symphony.  When the ice gets thicker the sounds will echo up and down the lake.  No, we don’t live on the lake..but we can hear it’s music from our yard:)

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2 Responses to Minnesota Ice Music

  1. I love the description of ice music…..I heard ice music on the riverbank of the Heart River near Mandan many years ago in the spring….I have noticed when we drove to Sartell that all the lakes and ponds are smooth as glass. If we have little snow it would be big skating rinks all over the area.

  2. Judy says:

    Ernie often uses the terminology that the ice is “talking”. :)

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