Dreary Scrapbook Days

Dreary Days are here in Minnesota.  I am still at the scrapbook retreat. 

The water at Lind Lake

This is the unfrozen creek/brook going out of Lind Lake headed to Lake Melissa.

The wind was cold on Saturday.  We all went out for breakfast and then shopping at Ben Franklin..buying more paper..of course what would scrappers buy anyway?

Many of the girls took a special class on the Gypsy and the Cricut. (Scrapbooking tools for the elite.) Which is way to confusing for my old brain..so I will leave that technology to the younger gals. 

With Jen’s help we were able to load all of my scrapbook software onto my laptop, eventually when I get to a point ..some point off in the distance not clearly defined..I will switch to digital scrapbooking. A world where my papers are all virtual and instead of packing up paper, stickers, books..etc.. I will just grab my laptop.  In the meantime I have lots of paper and stickers to use up. 

I have a very small amount of paper “stash” compared to many of the girls at this retreat..some of them are real paper hoarders and have said out loud that perhaps they need an intervention.  One gal has so much “stuff” she stores it in her van and is looking for insurance to cover all her supplies just incase they are stolen or damaged. Uffda

Scrapbooking has changed over the last two years..that was the last time I was at a retreat.  Most of these gals ..me included use Creative Memories supplies..they introduced a new tape runner that actually works and have finally made a true 12 x 12 inch album.  Times are a changing:)

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  1. Ann says:

    I take back my comment about “O Holy Night” having to be sung by a soprano. If you can find it on youtube.com, “O Holy Night” by David Phelps, it is well worth the journey to find it, he is tremendous.

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