Getting Organized

We got a little snow..not inch maybe two.  The storm that we were supposed to get Sunday afternoon kind of fizzled out.

Snowflakes in the air

It might be a white Christmas..unless it turns warm and melts.  Monday morning it was –17 F  or –27 C about a wake up call.  It was a good reminder that the weather can change drastically from one day to the next and that is why I never schedule anything before noon in the winter.

Far Guy finally got out his parka..and warmer gloves. –17 F will make you come to your senses.

I shouldn’t have vacationed over the weekend..I should have baked and shopped.  I have vowed to get the shopping done before next Tuesday.  We are cruising right along with another gift purchased yesterday.  Menus are being discussed and decorating plans have been made.

Today will be a getting organized day..making a list and checking it twice and round one of decorating.  Round one is getting out the Shiny Brite Tree and decorating the top half in the tree stand and lifting it WAY high in the air onto the bottom half of the tree.  Far Guy has to stand on a ladder..and I hoist it up from another is always a tense moment..until it is settled into it’s proper place.  It will take me the rest of the week to finish decorating the bottom half of that tree.  Since it is such a large tree I decorate it one box at a time.  This year seven boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments have been added to the collection…I am going to try my best to count them all this year:)

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2 Responses to Getting Organized

  1. I have ben thinking of your shiney brite tree ever since I saw a boxful of them at Father Time’s Antique store in Duluth!!!!!
    I redcall our shiney brites at home but all of us got broken I think.

  2. TYPOS,OUCH!!! “all of OURS (not us) got broken”
    I still have two of them preserved somewhere in my Christmas things..both were
    autographed by two HS classmates when I had a Christmas party at my house at age 16. I saved those two and both were shiney brites I know!!!!

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