Wistful Wednesday: 1977 and 1978 Pictures with Santa

Pictures with Santa.  That was a pretty big deal.  We used to go to a shopping center in South Moorhead to have the photos taken.  If we felt we could afford it then we would go to West Acres..Santa photos were more expensive there.

Since we only had one vehicle back then and Far Guy needed the vehicle to go to work, we went in the evening after supper and  hoped that everyone would be in a good mood.

Sometimes the Santas were just not very good.  I suppose it is a terrible job..holding screaming kids most of the day.


1977 Trica was five and Jennifer was two.

Someone who was not real cooperative at the photo session ripped this photo in half.

I patched it with scotch tape.


1977 T with Santa

Miss perfect was just that perfect because she was five and knew all about the naughty or nice list.

1977 J with Santa

Miss not so perfect didn’t care ..she was scared to death.  In this photo she is just beginning to do her stiff as a board and I will scream bloody murder until my Mother rescues me..then she would twirl my hair in her fingers and put her thumb in her mouth until the sobbing subsided.

1978 was a bit better.  They both smiled!

1978 T and J

In 1978 Trica was six and missing her front teeth and Jennifer was three. Do Trica’s bangs look a little short to you?  At Thanksgiving that year..I was packing and not paying much attention..she asked me if she could cut her bangs because they were in her eyes..I apparently said “Yah” or some such positive word of encouragement/permission.  She took a scissors and laid it next to her head and cut..her bangs were really..really short for a long time.

I tried to think back what would have been some of the things they asked for..Weebles..a baby doll..a Spirograph..silly putty..Play-Doh…Legos…the Fisher Price Barn and Animals and of course Barbies..

I recall that The Operation Game was a big hit with them! :)

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  1. I remember the Holiday Shopping Mall in south MHD…it was quite a fine place when it was new….we went there also to the manhy stores. Never had Santa pics taken though…our boys always knew it was a story and nothing else. I supose we robbed them of something—- but neither of us were ever believers in Santa as kids.
    We were not about to let Santa get the credit for our gifts to them!!!!! Nasty spoilers us!!!

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