Blue Lights

We have always had blue lights on our tree downstairs.  A.L.W.A.Y.S. Far Guy was progressing quite nicely with his project.  Imagine his frustration ..when two stringers of lights were half lit and half dark.  *&^%$%$#@

I rode along to town..I was tired and a trip to town means I get to relax for 20 minutes twice.  In and out of stores the quest for blue lights continued.  Wally World where there were only clear lights, the Dollar Store where there were clear and multi and Ace Hardware where there were clear and multi.

Far Guy was disgusted, he said “I am glad you are with me.”  As if I wouldn’t believe that town would have no blue lights. So what is up ??  Do people no longer like blue or green or red lights?   Is everyone buying artificial trees that are pre lit?  Are stringers of only blue, only red and only green over the hill?  Perhaps they are collectable? Are twinkling clear lights the new “blue”?

We bought a set of multi..thinking that we have a bunch of lights off the blue stringers that we can switch out and make a new stringer of all blue.   Far Guy said “I threw them in the garbage, but I suppose we can take them out.”

He neglected to tell me that he emptied his coffee grounds just before we left.


I rescued them and began a quick search for something that could be wrong..a loose bulb ..a bad wire.  I found it and marked the bad spot..onward and forward..the next stringer was not so easy..but we started changing bulbs and found the one lousy bad bulb… so the tree is blue again.  The brand new multi stringer is packed away.. and blue lights are on our list of things to look for should we go shopping in a larger town.

A few more gifts have been purchased.  The Christmas Letter was written, edited, edited again and sent.  Notes were even written in a few.  The Shiny Brite tree is finished and all the boxes stored away…and we have blue lights on the tree downstairs.  The Christmas menu is being discussed. We are moving right along..10 more shopping days.  Time flies when you are having a decorating/shopping blast.

I had to mess around with settings on my camera for half an hour ..but I finally got a good shot.   The exposure might have been a bit long…I put a small notebook on my list..I need one for camera settings.  Those blue lights sure are pretty:)

Blue Lights

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2 Responses to Blue Lights

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    There are so many items that you cannot get anymore…..plain wooden hangers for one— which I used to buy alot of for my knitting hanger covers projects. Now I am holding my breath in case K Mart cuts out their satin-covered hangers which I now have to use.
    I wonder why blue lights are out of vogue..if they are??? I feel like getting on a soapbox in some stores and screaming my objections to the strange ways of modern merchandising. I had the same reaction to books ( for the school library) that were taken out of print if they did not sell a certain number of them…some of them could have become classics but the modern publishers only saw the bottom line: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    I hope you can find some blue lights at a bigger market place.

  2. Katrina says:

    Try a search on I got a whole page of blue Christmas lights!

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