Shiny Brite Tree

It is many ornaments do you think it has?

Shiny Brite Tree December 14

From one direction..unless I go out on the deck which is covered with snow..this is the best photo.

Shiny Brite Tree (2)

From the other direction. It is a seriously tall tree.  Just like in the movies where the gal dressed in a red skirt, and a white cardigan sweater in her new Christmas heels climbs up the ladder to place the ornaments..and then her Prince comes in and she innocently falls into his arms..and he drops her on the floor. ( Just checking to see if anyone is reading this drivel.) Of course he catches her..and steals a kiss.  AND they live happily ever after.

Chance let me photograph him for quite some time…he was bored.

Chance December 14

How many ornaments did you guess?  If you guessed 437 you would be exactly right.

Yesterday the gift list was checked..and checked again.  Several gifts were ordered online with hopes that they will come before Christmas!  The gifts we have were wrapped.  One Christmas Letter was had no address said “Returned for a better address.”  We will keep on decorating..the downstairs tree is next..we are supposed to get freezing rain…so I guess we will stay safely at home.

Some parents in Connecticut are hugging their little ones close today..and others are wishing they could have just one more hug.  Such sadness when little children are not safe at school.  I cannot begin to understand what madness precipitates a massacre in a Kindergarten room..I can only imagine how terrified those little ones must have been in their final minutes. Sad, so sad..really really sad:(

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  1. Sharron says:

    I missed seeing your blog yesterday but checked it today. The tree with the blue lights is so beautiful, so soothing and relaxing. I love it! And Chance, in today’s blog you look so beautiful sitting by the Christmas tree. Do you have any presents under the tree yet, or do you have to wait for Santa to come? Don’t worry – I know you’ve been good.

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