Bubble Lights

Far Guy has a set of Bubble Lights.  He remembers them from Christmas Trees when he was a child.  We did not put them on our tree..instead we put them with some fake garland around his carousel horses.IMG_3813

I tried hard to photograph the bubbles..they are quite mesmerizing.


We are almost done shopping.  We made one last ditch effort in town and online. I wanted to be all done by Tuesday..and it looks like we just might make it! The roads are good for driving but every sidewalk and parking lot is an ice rink after the freezing rain. The stores were not real busy..some football game was on. We didn’t even have to wait in line to pay for our purchases.

We took some time out yesterday after shopping to do a little Sunday visiting..just like in the olden days:)

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2 Responses to Bubble Lights

  1. Bubble lights bring back lots of memories of wishing we had some (we never had any) but one of my friends had a string and I would go to her house and dream about mine(which we never got) I wonder why they quite making them?
    I suppose like everything else that was wonderful–it had to make way for something newer.

  2. Jan - Alexandria says:

    When you mention carousel horses, have you ever visited Lark Toys south of Wabasha, MN? If not, Far Guy would love to see that Carousel. Well worth the trip and can also take in the Eagle Center. Totally hand carved by a gentleman who then donated it to them. Absolutely gorgeous. I took some wonderful pictures of it. We were there this fall with our classic car club cruise and had so much fun! $2 gets you a nice long ride, lots of laughs, and good memories with friends.

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