Silence in the Winter Woods

The dog was ready for his morning walk.  He is the leader you know…he thinks he knows the way.  It was foggy and frosty.

The woods are silent as we walk single file down the trail.  Chance is the trailblazer.

Trailblazer Chance

The only sounds are our boots trudging through the snow.   Chance is silent, occasionally sniffing the air and sticking his nose in the ground where the squirrels have made a digging effort for acorns.

There is no wind..even the wind is silent.

Black and White Coneflowers

It is not a black and white world..but shades of grey, some just a bit darker than others.

Many of the bloggers are having a silent blogging day today in honor of the school children and teachers who died at Sandy Hook School.

I don’t do silent so well.

I encourage you to hug the children in your lives and take a moment to appreciate the people around you:)


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  1. There is no place as silent as woods in the winter. Lovely photos.

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