43 years

Well it is that time of year again.  Wedding Anniversary time.  We have managed to  annoy, disagree and love each other through another year.  I am a lucky woman to still have my best friend and soul mate to irritate everyday!

A long time ago..“We ate cake!”December 20 1960 Cake

At least we were civil and fed the cake to each other nicely.  I watch some of those “Wedding Shows”  with some of the wedding cake fiascos and the smearing of the cake on the face.  It is not funny at all in my opinion.  I think the younger generation has lost respect for this part of the wedding day.

Other than breathe a sigh of relief and greet all your guests..the first thing you do together as a married couple is cut the cake..a joint effort..holding the cake knife together.  Then you feed each other part of the first slice..the symbolism being that you will provide for each other from now on.  I think it is a wonderful tradition.

I have restored the photographs that were in our wedding album.  They have faded over time..even if they were in an album.  More wedding photos can be found here.

I still have the dress and veil.  I would like to take the dress apart and have it made into a baptismal gown for my Great Grands ( someday far off in the future)..either that or donate it to a museum.  I would like to do something useful with it.

What have you done with your old wedding dress?  Is it like mine..wrapped in white tissue paper and stuck in a box? :)

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2 Responses to 43 years

  1. My wedding dress (white slipper satin made by my Mom) is hanging in a cedar closet upstairs. I borrowed a veil from one of my friends.
    The bodice is so small even my granddaughters could not get into it…I cannot believe how small I was back when I was 22. ( 3 sons moved my rib cage outward and forward!)
    It is nice to see your wedding photos. I bet your “grands” love to look at them also.

  2. PS Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!
    I wish modern couples would make it to # 43 and beyond.

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