Christmas Eve Day

One more day in the kitchen..I am getting real tired of being in there.  Yesterday I played sous chef for Far Guy whilst he made pans of “Cinnamon” Caramel Rolls.  I cooked a huge pork roast so that it was well done and fell apart. Today I am on a schedule..things have to be done at a certain time…so that we can eat at a certain time.

I don’t like schedules, I don’t like cooking…the kitchen is my least favorite spot in the house..yet I spend a huge amount of my time there recently.

I rebelled when it came to dessert.  The girls will bring cookies.  I should have made an apple pie..instead I decided that  Mudballs would be a perfect dessert.  Oreos will be crushed and scoops of vanilla ice cream will be rolled in the Oreo mixture, I will put the balls into red plastic glasses and refreeze them..then garnish with Raspberries and chocolate syrup..and enjoy. Sound yummy to you..I thought so!

The packages are all wrapped. The house is reasonably dust free.  Our two stockings are hung by the fireplace..nine more will join ours.  Laughter will fill the house again.  The dogs will bark and run around..and we will eat, then we will eat again Christmas morning..after that it is everyone for themselves…by that time Grandma will be exhausted.  I might need a long winters nap.

Puzzle is ready

The puzzle is ready upstairs.. it is on the same card table as it was years ago at Far Guys home.  We will play games..perhaps spoons..the Grands love that game.

The days have been dreary.. we went for a ride yesterday looking for turkeys.  We found a few.  Several are still visiting our bird feeders when Chance is in the house.

Turkeys Dec 23

We will be having a white Christmas. ( As if there was any doubt)  It will be a cool one too..days time highs are forecast to be only a few degrees above zero and night time lows below zero..  5 to –5 F or –15 to –20 C.

Neighbors dec 23

Merry Christmas Eve Day:)

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3 Responses to Christmas Eve Day

  1. C. Heuer says:

    Merry Christmas,
    I love your blog, especially at holiday time.

  2. Dale says:

    And a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. I am sure you are having a Very Merry Christmas right now around the table with Farguy’s good rolls for breakfast.
    I have put out extra food for the birds this cold cold Dec 24 and 25.
    My Dad said that as a child he put food in the barn for the “Nisse” (little people in Norse culture) and the food was always gone so they knew they had Nisse (really the barn cats) HIs family also hung a big shock of grain for the birds on Dec 24.
    Enjoy your day…..I have been cooking endlessly also and have the same feelings about cooking as you do…I am looking forward to days of leftover meatballs and today we have a big ham which will make many lefovers too…and split pea and bean soup!
    It is the right time for soup…so cold!!!

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