The Days After Christmas

We survived!  Everyone seemed to be well fed and well gifted and left us old folks to recoup.  Yes, we were tired.  I may not cook again for awhile.  Although I had really good kitchen help..especially with the clean up!

We picked teams and played is amazing what Grands learn not from school but from the how many times a year do Penguins have sex?  “Once” replied Paige “I learned that from the movie Happy Feet.” Most of the family knows a very limited amount of Sports Trivia..other than Hockey, we know nothing of other sports. Only one of us knew what the Super Bowl Trophy was called.  Presidential elections ran a close second to sports as a non category for all of us.

Andy cooked the Prime Rib as I have no knowledge of that kind of fancy smancy cooking. A mountain of Spaetzle disappeared into those Grands.   They all enjoyed the non traditional Mudballs for desert. The mudballs were awesome especially with raspberries on top..they just might become a new tradition.  Noah likes his water evening he shared with wasn’t too bad.

Far Guy says he doesn’t have much planned for after Christmas.  I have so many irons in the fire it is difficult to know where or what to begin first.  I think I will just rest a couple of days.


Cute little snow woman ornament from Leah.


Beautiful Maple leaf ornament from Jen:)

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  1. Ah the days following Christmas should have about 3 pajama days where you do not get dressed all day and just lie around doing only what pleases you. We have a lot of meatballs and ham leftovers so there will be little cooking done here either. I gave the last of the lefse to one son today who took it home to the rest of the family. There is only so much lefse 2 old people can eat.
    I went to my “job” today and read newscopy for over 2 hours. It will not be back to normal though til the week after New Years’ Day.

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