December 28, 2012

Five years ago I began to blog.  It began as something to do in the dead of a Minnesota winter and a way of leaving just a small part of me behind for my Grandchildren.  In the beginning I expressed many of my personal opinions and beliefs.  I think I still do to a certain extent..I am passionate about Minnesota..both the good parts (Spring and Summer) and the bad parts ( freezing weather and ticks.)  I enjoy Wildflowers and “old stuff.”  Five years ago I had one blog.  It appeared locally in the online newspaper in a section called Area Voices.

In September of 2008, I got nervous about the Area Voices blog suddenly disappearing so I began a blogspot blog. My Area Voices Blog is still there, it appears in online newspapers throughout Minnesota and North Dakota.

Today, I write a weekly blog for the Hubbard County Historical Museum.  Yes, I get paid to blog!  When I first started blogging I thought wow wouldn’t it be great to get paid to do this?

Many people write blogs that have banners and advertising..and I suppose they get paid..I always find those blogs with ads to be distracting.

I write Far Side of Fifty on blogspot and Area Voices, both are the same blog post just different formats.  Area Voices is WordPress.

I have a photo blog called Far Side of Fifty Photos. It seems to get lost in the dust some weeks..but I still like to take photographs.

I write Forgotten Old Photos which began one day from a box of old photos that I purchased in an antique shop. So far I have presented 1090 old photographs and returned 128 photos to their families.  It was chosen Blog of Note in November of 2010.

I also write a family blog about my husbands Grandmother called Tracie’s Treasures which is available only to family members. Yes, you can write a blog and restrict the readers. After the first of the year I will get back to that one!   I had to have some time off during the summer and is a blog worthy of my full attention.

You can also write a private blog..I don’t have one  of those.

I use Live Writer to write.  It is a simple tool to use..non complicated and reliable.  I write at night..instead of watching TV..sometimes whilst watching TV.

My daughter Jen gave me a Christmas gift.


She used blurb to create one year of Far Side in a book.  I cried.  She strives every year to make me bawl at least once during the opening of Christmas Gifts.

I guess I will keep keeping on, putting one foot in front of the blog after another.  Some people email me comments, some people leave comments, some people are silent. It is all good.

I enjoy blogging, and I really enjoy reading a variety of blogs throughout the world.  You all know who you are..I leave you comments occasionally..thanks! :)

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  1. What a great gift! Now you are PUBLISHED!!

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