In-between Days

These in-between days are difficult.  The ones in-between Christmas and New Years. They have become long nap days, and no lets stay home it is too cold to venture out and lets just read books days.

We watch the birds out the window.  The Turkeys visit at least once a day. The male usually brings all his hens with him..usually 6 or 7 are in his harem.  There is a hierarchy too..some stand their ground and some allow themselves to be bossed around. Chance watches them patiently through the window from the landing. Today the squirrels were testing out the Turkeys by seeing how close they could run by them.


One lone rabbit visited …although knowing rabbits where there is one there are usually more. ( I know this because I raised rabbits once upon a time..not on purpose..but accidently..twice.)

I should make a list of things I need to accomplish..but I am afraid it will be so long that it will be I am holding off.

We don’t even cook..we warmed soup for supper..canned for Far Guy and homemade vegetable in the freezer for me.

The temperatures are cold..below zero.

I read a book which was called a provocative romance..not quite my cup of tea..everyone has been talking about it..and I understand it is a Trilogy…I will just leave the rest of that series to my imagination…much Laters Baby.

I am going back to my novel The Spruce Gum Box about logging and pioneers in the late 1880’s…much more my style.

We got a new coffee maker for of those fancy smancy ones that uses those little cups.  I had a cup of coffee and my inner ear started to flutter so bad that I got dizzy…no more coffee for me for awhile. ( I usually do not drink coffee.)  Honest it was like a really large insect was trapped in my ear flapping it’s wings. Far Guy put a bunch of peroxide in my ear and the fluttering went away…what is up with that?  I have had fluttering before..but it has always resolved with a wad of ear wax rolling out of my ear.

I had to go into the eye Doctor again.  He has always said that my eyes look suspicious for Glaucoma..something about a ropey looking Optic Nerve.  He wanted me to do special testing in November, so I did and the results were I had them done again..and the technician said that everything looks just fine but to wait for a letter from the Doctor.

I broke my toe before Christmas..I stubbed my toe hard enough to make tears come to my eyes..since then my toe is really, really sore.  It is all swollen and fatter than normal..and sore..I don’t want to wear shoes at all.

Well enough belly aching for least we have escaped the puking, pooping stomach flu that is going around:)

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  1. I understand your concept of “in between days” I am reading a very fat book (“John Adams” by David McCullogh) and have ordered a couple more from LARL that I am excited to get (AN IRISH COUNTRY DOCTOR)

    Bird watching is also on the agenda and filling the feeders and giving ground food uner the thick blue spruce trees for juncos and chickadees.

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