Happy New Year!

Can you believe it?  We are on the precipice of another year..all the talk about fiscal cliffs and who said or thought what..the whole lot of them should be run out of Washington DC if you ask me..do your job for goodness sake.  Most people get paid for a job that they do..not for a job they didn’t do.  Sometimes the world is ass backwards.   I am about ready to go on a news blackout again. Buggers.

Yes, my panties are in a bunch..buggers.

I ran onto a quote that says it all for me this New Years Day.

I am not sure who Pearl Aman is..some elusive chick..with good quotes.

Begin another new chapter and remember that you have 365 days to make every page of the chapter worth remembering when you finish the year. – Pearl Aman

So what can I do?

I decided I am not making any resolutions…but I am going to set some goals.

Goal One: De clutter, get rid of some things that I just don’t need anymore.  If I have not used something in the past year..possibly I can get rid of it, sell it or donate it.

Goal Two: Organize..organize..organize.  I have many projects to tackle….I won’t get them all done this winter.

Goal Three: Lollygag..yes lollygag. Stop and smell the roses..chill out..veg on the couch..you get the drift.  After all..I will remember the times I lollygagged..I am sure of it!

Three goals are enough for me.. I wouldn’t want to over do.

We went to the neighbors for New Years Eve..we were home by 10 PM and will most likely be asleep by midnight, we are real party animals:)

Frosty Coneflowers

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One Response to Happy New Year!

  1. We were the same sort of “party animals” last night but we did not even go anywhere.
    I was dropping off (sleep) on a couch about 8 pm so I went upstairs to John Adams (the book!!) and got right to sleep from reading a few paragraphs.
    We will celebrate later today with some of our family at a meal together.

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