Wistful Wednesday: 1944 and 1985

I found several old photos to share with you today.

The first was taken in Omaha Nebraska in 1944.

Marvin Evelyn Esther Jim Omaha 1944

Marvin, Evelyn, Esther and Jim.

Marvin and Evelyn were thirty years old that year and had been married for four years..

41 years later another photo was taken.

evelyn Marvin Esther Jim 1985

Evelyn, Marvin, Esther and Jim.

Marvin and Jim are brothers.  Marvin and Evelyn are Far Guy’s parents.   This photo was taken at the farm at Christmas time.   Arch (another brother) and Liz and their family were living at the farm then. I see cousin Robbie’s artwork is in the window.

The farm was always a good place to gather sometime over the holidays.  1985 was no different.  Grandma Tracie died in 1983 so she was noticeably missing, she loved the holidays and family gatherings.

Other people near and dear to us were there that year.

Arch Ron and Paul 1985 Christmas

Arch, Ron ( our Brother in law who will soon turn 71) and PD or Paul ( Arch and Liz’s oldest son).

Janice, Jenny, Connie, Gene, in front Bethany and Robbie 1985 Christmas

Jan (Far Guys sister), Jennifer ( Our daughter), Me and Far Guy

Bethany (Jan and Ron’s daughter) and Robbie (Arch and Liz’s youngest son)

Now a days Arch and his wife Helen have moved into town for the winter.  Helen has arthritis and her house in town will be easier for her.  From what I understand Robbie is at the farm keeping the home fires burning.

This was one of the few Christmas/New Years that we didn’t make a visit to the farm.  I missed not going there…that place holds lots of memories of the past..times of happiness and great sadness..but mostly good times spent with family:)

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  1. Sweet memories and photos. I have boxes full of simliar pictures…..I am the Keeper of family memories.

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