Dreary Short Days

It was –25F on New Years morning at 6AM.  That would be –31C.  YES a MINUS.  We went for a walk in the woods..I swear it was still –25 F in the woods..even though the thermometer showed temperatures above zero I am positive that the woods was still BELOW zero.

Walking through the woods

We can still walk on our trail because the snow is not real deep yet. I let my walking partners get way ahead of me..I often stop to take photos..Chance runs back to make sure I am coming along..but he likes to be the leader.


Three inches of snow at the snow stick.

We took off on an adventure one day to one of our favorite wintertime antique shops only to find it was closed.  Bummer.  So we drove on..and ended up in Detroit Lakes at the antique shop, we are regular customers there..and since we had all day we went to the thrift store too.

Have you ever read about Bomba?  I spotted this book..it looked 1950ish to me.  Originally it was 49 cents..at the thrift store it was a quarter.  I could not resist.


I read parts of it..it would have transported a young reader to the jungles of Africa for adventures. This one with the picturesque cover was published in 1953 by Clover Publishing.

Far Guy found something interesting for his Gene Autry Collection.


It is from a cutout book much like paper dolls. The original book that it appeared in was three pages with various scenes of Gene and his friends with their horses. So it was a good find at $3 and promptly found a spot in the collection.

8 Hours and 38 minutes of daylight today.  The sun rises at 8:05 AM and sets at 4:43 PM.   Short dreary cold days are here in Minnesota…very typical for January.  That doesn’t make them any easier..but they are not unexpected:)

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2 Responses to Dreary Short Days

  1. Miki T-B says:

    Actually, by the end of January, we’ll have 45 minutes more of daylight than we had on December 21!

  2. I am looking forward to the third week of January when it gets noticeably lighter at the end of the day…but this darkness and short days is not a good thing for people who need more light. I have talked to someone recently who is looking at moving further south (to at least the 30 degree latitude due to winter S.A.D. that is debilitating.)

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