Have you ever heard of Harrycovair?  I have been hearing it on the food channel..lots of times I just listen to TV..instead of watch.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that they were skinny green beans. Then I tried to Google them..well ya havta know how to spell the little buggers.  I never took French..and my three years of Latin was no help.  Haricot verts.

Here in Minnesota we just eat Green Beans..the most fancy smancy we get is to doctor them up with onion and bacon and a splash of vinegar and freshly ground black pepper or drown them in Cream of Mushroom soup throw some French Fried Onions on top and plop them in the oven for awhile.  Sometimes we just heat them up and eat them plain.

Sometimes I miss my Maternal Grandmothers Yellow Beans..they were awesome..she used to can quarts and quarts  of them.  People don’t can like they used to.  I don’t can anything..we put “stuff” up in the freezer.


Old Ball Perfect Mason jars and zinc lids in a canning basket..repurposed:)

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  1. I LOVED my Mom’s quarts of canned green beans in the 1940s. They were much better tasting than any beans that I have frozen…..I wish I did can them but it is so mjuch work. My Mom had a lot more energy and spine than I have now.
    I ate a whole quart of home canned green beans the night I came home from Camp Trowbridge at age 11!!!!

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