1910 Wedding Dress

We have a number of old wedding dresses at the museum.  One day I photographed some of the small details on one of the dresses worn by an early resident.

1910 Wedding Dress Collar

This is the collar.  The fabric is starting to fray.  I am not sure what the material is..but it has lots of trim detail.

1910 Wedding Dress Trim

This is part of the trim on the dropped shoulders…the trim minus the fringe runs down the bodice and is repeated on the skirt.

Wedding Dress 1910

I am not sure what is on her left arm..a wrap or stole of some sort.  I think the collar is not straight with the world either.

Recently I have ben going through many of the photographs I took in the museum last summer..it gives me a chance to look at small details..like the wrap/stole..does it belong with the dress..is it period correct?

This gown is in the room we call the Toggery.  A toggery is a clothing shop.

This room will be undergoing a transformation.  We got a grant and were able to purchase three  8’ tall cabinets…they should help us to display some items better. Plus they have bottom shelves for storage!  I have oodles of hat boxes that should go someplace.

What I wouldn’t give for some museum improvement TV Show to come in..take everything out of the room..repaint..and then display everything anew.  I will probably have to settle for shuffling everything away from the walls..cleaning the nooks and crannies and installing the new cabinets.  I have never had to close rooms before in the museum..I am thinking that next spring a few will have to be closed until the work inside is complete.

Like a ninny I have invited the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to egg coffee and homemade cookies in the Pioneer Room on May 10th the day before opening fishing weekend.  Every year a town in Minnesota hosts the Governor’s Opening Fishing Tournament..it is a big deal..and Park Rapids is the town in the spotlight in 2013.

Back to me being a ninny..as soon as I heard that Park Rapids was chosen I submitted the invitation..figuring the early bird would get the worm ..and the free publicity.  That was back in September..before we began painting my office, the Military Room and the High School Memory Room downstairs.  All of those rooms need to be set right..before May 10.  I will have eight days to get ready..what was I thinking?

I am trying not to think about it too much:)

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2 Responses to 1910 Wedding Dress

  1. My grandmother’s wedding dress looked like the one in the photo…not as much finery on it but sweet and beautiful. It was a skirt and a top also. It has been modeled in several bridal “shows”locally and is still among the family treasures of my last aunt in the family..she is 92 and doing well at a nursing home in Mhd.
    The gown was such a beautiful family thing…..it was getting frail and the fabric getting very thin and looking like it won’t last much longer.
    Everything goes back to dust it seems.

  2. PS My grandma’s dress was worn in February 1908 at her wedding to my Grandpa.
    (Ida and Severt)

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