On the corner of happy and healthy

That commercial rankles me something fierce.

December 20..that would have been 17 days ago.  I used a gift card online at the corner of happy and healthy..for a photo gift for myself.   Of course my purchase was for more than my gift card..so I enter my credit card number..but the wrong expiration date..boom my card was refused and my gift card eaten up or out there in cyber space someplace.

I called the “number” and was told that gift cards could not be used online for photo gifts…it is not permitted.  I asked for a supervisor and was transferred to someone else who had no idea how to fix the problem.  Then I was given a different number to call..I did and the cranky non helpful teenager I spoke to..said that there was no way she could check my balance on my gift card or do anything about it for two days.  I said “fine”.

I wrote a very detailed account and emailed it to Customer Service..with a request demand that they call me in two days when they found my gift card money.

Since then I have received numerous emails saying they are working on it and it should be resolved shortly.  They gave me 20 free 4 X 6 photo prints.  I used them too.

They emailed me a customer service survey..the dummies ..you can guess what my reply was to that.

Seventeen days I have been waiting..the gift card was a gift..I guess it is no skin off my nose if it is never resolved..but it is just the principal of the situation.  A less bitchy  stalwart person would have given up by now.  They stole my gift card or at the least they are holding it hostage.   I am not real pleased with those people at the corner of happy and healthy.  If this ever gets resolved I am going to go into the store and buy something ..anything..and they will never see me at their online or local store ever again.  So there! :)  (  I feel much better now.)

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One Response to On the corner of happy and healthy

  1. Online shopping is not all it is cracked up to be. I have not done so yet and probably will not in light of others’ negative exeriences. Service in the sense that we used to get help from business people in stores et al is nearly gone as missing as your gift card.
    I have gotten sick and tired of talking to someone who cannot speak English so I can understand it …they are in another country talking to me.
    It is most discouraging. I don’t even get credit cards at certain stores anymore after I signed up for one from Herbergers..never got it and about a year later got a bill from a Herbergers in Stillwater MN where I had never been in my entire life.
    It took at least 10 calls with interveiwers for them to beleive me that I had not used the card and had never even seen it after I made application. I am stung badly.

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