Clouds and Blue Skies

The clouds were really weird yesterday.

Clouds Jan 7

The clouds were strung out like huge strings across the sky.


It was warm 34 F or 1C and windy..maybe a Chinook..the wind was blowing from the west..and where it blew snow over the highway it froze and made the roads slippery.

We ran all kinds of was one of those catch all days.  I had to take some photos of the outside of the museum for a report on a grant from years ago, and get into my office for some more supplies.  We needed Black Sunflower Seeds for the hungry birds.  We had to mail the mail and drop off a catalogue for a friend.  We also shopped for groceries.

Whilst we were shopping my other baby brother called.  His tenth Grand was born!  Ava Michele weighing 7 pounds and 11 ounces. My Niece Stacey is now a Mama to four little girls! I figured that she would have a little girl..they chose to be surprised and didn’t know if they were having a boy or a girl.   There have been four new babies in the family in the past 7 weeks..praise God they are all healthy!

On the way home from town there were sundogs on both sides of the sun.  We usually only see sundogs on really cold days. No photos.. I packed the camera away in the back of the car..silly me.  It was lovely to just enjoy some sunshine and blue skies:)

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  1. Wonderful family news about many healthy babies.

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