Wistful Wednesday: Old Family Photos

This winter I am working on Far Guys Family History..the Paternal side.

Years ago Uncle Jimmy gave our daughter Jennifer an old family photo.

Here I have made a copy of it and taken it into my scrapbook program and identified everyone.  There is more than one way to skin a cat nowadays..and more ways to mark group family photos without marking up the original.

Xaver Aleck Family

Xaver and Christiane are his Great Great Grandparents and Martha Jane off to the right is his Great Grandmother.

Cousin Jay has a copy of the photo also.  He let Far Guy hold it  so I could get a photo. Far Guy and His GReat Grandmothers family (2)

I found a few photos that I cannot identify.

Aleck girls

This is an old tintype.  It is marked Aleck girls!  Which ones?  There are six sisters.  It is a lovely tintype. It looks to be taken sometime in the 1880’s. Ladies dresses were often severe and tight fitting, might have a bustle, skirts often had pleated edges.  Hair plain and pulled back, high white collars , lots of buttons in rows.

Martha Jane was born in 1868.  If she were 17 in this photo the year would be..1885.  I think she is the gal standing on the left, but I will probably never know for sure.

Mark your photos..do your relatives down the line a big favor:)

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2 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: Old Family Photos

  1. And whatever you do, do not smile on a photo. Isn’t that the pattern? My old photos are all so sober and so solemn…never a smile but on one my great great grandfather has a little grin. I think he was a cheerful man who liked fun.

  2. Gravy says:

    Aha! This proves what I’ve thought for years, Far Guy is a smart Aleck!

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