Turkey Traffic Jam

Only in Minnesota.

The Wild Turkeys take so long to cross the road that they stop traffic.

We were at the crossroads watching them cross a ways down the road.  Far Guy was hollering run..turkeys ..run!  They were just poking along taking their sweet time..there were many turkeys in that flock rafter.  Yes, a group of turkeys is called  a rafter.  Turkey Traffic Jam

Luckily it was Edie and she brakes for turkeys.  There were turkeys flying and running every which way.   I did not realize that they could fly so high when they want to.

They are still coming into our yard to feed..how they can tell when Chance is indoors is beyond me.

Tom Turkey

That is the tom in charge on the right.  He leads his group of hens into the feeders.  He has a tuft of modified feathers called a beard in the center of his chest.  You can also see the spur on his leg. He is also larger than all the hens.  He has 7 lady friends and sometimes 8.  They usually stay about 20 minutes and then they wander off..unless Chance barks.  He watches them from the landing.

I usually watch them out the window and take a few photos..looking for that perfect shot:)

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