Out and About Before The Storm

We are in a winter storm watch.  Rain and then snow and blowing snow are forecast.  This storm has a name Gandolf.

I am writing this at midnight..and it is raining out now.  The windows are wet.  It is 30 degrees F or –1C.  Yesterday was sunny and warm 41F or 5C. I finally got all the ice off of the walk and the patio!  There are certain things I like to do before a storm.  Make sure our supplies are adequate and that the bird feeders are full.  Check on the elderly..I called my parents to make sure they were doing okay..my Mom has a terrible cold…but is feeling better and they went to the store to get what they needed to survive for a few days.

Chance and I knew that if we didn’t go for a ride.. we would be SOL for a few days.

Shell Lake Ice Houses

This is Shell Lake.  Those little buildings are Ice Fishing Houses.  And yes, there are vehicles out on the lake.

Minnesota Landscape

This was a scene on one of the back roads that we haven’t been on in a while.

When we got home we could see the storm system moving in from the south.

Storm heading in

Ready or not..here it comes.

We are ready and we will stay hunkered down here at home for the duration.   The worst thing that will happen here is that our Satellite Dish will ice up and I will have to resort to watching DVDs or old VCR Tapes.  If we lose electricity we have a generator and we have a gas fireplace so we will not freeze to death..I will put an extra pitcher of water in the fridge so Chance has water.  Of course if we lose electricity most communications will come to a halt.  If you are close to the storm area..stay safe and stay home:)

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  1. We did not get the brunt of it this time. We got ice on our driveway and I even took a near fall on a patch of ice on gravel hear our mailbox. Ice is nearly as big a danger as bad visibility–maybe the two are equal.

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