Making a list

I made the dreaded list.  The list of things that I feel must be done in the next couple of months.

Some projects are fun..I don’t mind organizing, remembering to repurpose, reuse or recycle.

As I smashed down the last cover on the Christmas tote..I felt guilty for a couple of days..then I went back upstairs..emptied them all out..and repacked them.  One tote had not seen the light of day for a few years.  Inside I found a wonderful little surprise.

I didn’t remember this package of ornaments.



Shiny Brites made in Italy..and unbreakable…who woulda thunk it?

Some things needed my attention..the box of ornaments that were handmade for Far Guy’s Mom..will the next generation know or care?   Will they know that the Christmas Choir Children were her favorites?  Well now they are all marked.

One tote of Christmas decorations will be sent out to the garage to be donated or sold.

I ripped apart half of the walk through closet upstairs.  I enlisted Far Guy to help vacuum the walls and ceiling. He survived.  I still have oodles of drawers to go through upstairs.

The weather outside was frightful.


It rained and then it froze so everything is covered in ice.  Chance was surprised to find out that even in four paw drive he could not stop sliding.  Then it snowed but only an inch or two..maybe.

We ventured out to the Post Office on Saturday morning. The roads are terrible. We won’t be going out again for a few days.

The road home Jan 12

We hunkered down the rest of the with my project list, and a movie about Whales in the afternoon called The Big Miracle and a long nap:)

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  1. I had a good nap on Saturday too….I got out my collection of INSPECTOR LEWIS dvd’s and watched one and fell asleep at the end of the other. The nap was worth it.
    Your list nad determinatoin are amazing. I wish I could do likewise but I have not so far succeeded. (I could if I wanted to!!!)

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