Doo Doo Doo Lookin’ Out My Back Door

Recently we went over to the Far Guy’s Grandparents old farm to take some photos.

As I walked in back of the house I noticed that someone a long time ago  planted a little Cedar seedling in a metal tire rim.

Unusual  planter

Cedar Tree

I asked Uncle Archie about it.

He said “ My Mother planted that after they filled in the old outhouse hole.”

Who planted the tree in the metal rim

“I have tried to plant other Cedars since then, non of them seem to want to grow like that one my Mother planted!”

As we walked back to the vehicle Far Guy said  “I remember it being in line with the back door.  I thought it was closer to the house.”

So I took a photo:)out the back door

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  1. AH-HAH…. that cedar had good reasons to grow so big!!!!

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