The Bored Border Collie

Nothing worse than a bored Border Collie.  Chance has been in a funk.  Miney was here for one day and since then he seems lonely and bored.

He loves to go for we do that.  He loves to play ball but quits..I think the ice and ice crystals are hard on his feet.  He plays a bit and then he quits.  He has done that before when it has been icy in the spring.  If we get some fluffy snow perhaps he will play ball again outside.

Chance is bored

We play ball in the house.  We have discovered a new game..which he really likes.  I take him into the kitchen and put him in  a “sit stay” and leave him there. Then I take his favorite ball and hide it in the living room.  I hide it under pillows, in the crock near the fireplace, inside the old boiler that holds magazines, hidden under the stuffed Sheltie in a basket, under blankets.  He finds it in short order when I call him to “Come” and then tell him to “Search”..then we repeat until he is tired of that game.

The evening that Adam, Jen and Miney were here, Adam liked playing the search game with Chance.  He tried to involve Miney but her “sit stay” needs some work.

During the evening Chance roots around in his old enamel toy pan looking for what I am not sure but he drags his toys all over the house.  I have found that stepping on one ball isn’t so bad, but I wouldn’t want to step on two of them.


He watches the squirrels..Far Guy puts corn on the ground for them..sometimes he will lay in front of the door outside and just watch the squirrels..sometimes he chases them away..and sometimes he lets them eat.  Perhaps it is entertainment for him.

He quietly watches the turkeys from inside..the turkeys seem to know when he is in the house. After 15 to 20 minutes he has had it watching and barks at them so they run away.

Far Guy and Chance walk through the woods everyday..sometimes I walk with them..they even walk on the rainy icy days.  When a Border Collie is ready for his walk..he is ready for his walk:)

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3 Responses to The Bored Border Collie

  1. Sharron says:

    Hi ya Chance. Maybe you need some boots for your feet. I don’t know if you would like that, though. Have you tried a nap or two during the day? Sure love seeing pictures of you.

  2. Debbie says:

    Chance, I think we need to set up a playdate for you and my border collie,Bree. She is bored out of her diabolical mind and is now stealing things and hiding them to watch her owner search.

  3. I feel for you Chance…I am feeling the same way–it is called Winter Doldrums and there is no cure but a long warm spell in February or an early spring.
    Hang in there Buddy…..we will have nice days again but who knows when?
    I like your hide-it game..maybe I can get my husband to play it with me….not a chance (no pun meant) he is doing taxes and that is even more boring than being trapped inside with no fun and no games to play .

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