Wistful Wednesday: Do you see it..yet?

I am busy scanning all of the newspaper clippings that Far Guy’s Grandma Tracie tucked and glued into a 1915 Agricultural Yearbook.  In essence she made her own scrapbook.

I call it Grandmas Purple book.  It has weddings, engagements and obituary newspaper clippings and other “stuff” important to Grandma.

I have scanned the entire book ..now I am dating all the clippings..if possible.  Sometimes it takes a bit of research to come up with a date..and sometimes it is just impossible.  I will present them in a timeline on the private family blog when I get them all dated.

I  crop the articles..Far Guy sits next to me and often looks over at my monitor.  I got his attention with this clipping.

do you see Jesus

Far Guy said “I remember that!  Grandma showed me that years and years ago!  I couldn’t ever see anything.”  He still cannot.  I tried and tried to point it out..nothing..he said “I guess I am never meant to see it.” He remembers his Grandmother pointing it out to him many times..to no avail.

I can see it just fine..how about you? :)

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3 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: Do you see it..yet?

  1. esanders@wenck.com says:

    I can see it and he’s looking right at me!

  2. Sharron says:

    Yes, I saw it immediately. Some people just have a more difficult time seeing the image.

  3. Dale says:

    Dead center in the top of picture. It took me a couple of looks but I can see it.

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