Good news..I DO Not have Glaucoma..all the extra tests were for naught.  I was not worried…much.

I got my $10.00 gift card reinstated by the people from the Corporate offices of the corner of Happy and Healthy.  I have not used it yet, I will use it one day soon.

We are headed into the Deep Freeze early next week..possibly on the weekend. I will take a photo of some obscenely low temperature and you will all shake your heads and say “Tsk Tsk..she is nuts.”  I look forward to that every winter and I don’t want to disappoint y’all.  Us born and raised Minnesnowdains can take it..we have lots of body fat that will help protect us.  Once I get my three or four layers on..I find it difficult to walk..and I am exhausted..reminiscent of when I was a little kid getting my snowsuit on..If I fall down I will probably just roll.

Bad News..there have been many deaths lately. I will have to make up more cards one day soon.   Recently I was in the Detroit Lakes Mall getting more card supplies, I walked right past the Hallmark store..they were going out of business…another one bites the dust.

How about American Idol ..Randy is the only one I recognize..who are those other people..someone so famous I have never heard of them before.  The chick with the blonde hair drives me nuts.  That show will be going down the tubes..oh well.

Our grocery store in town was bought by a chain store that is located in North Dakota and Northern Minnesota.  You can sure tell a difference.   Supposedly the same employees are working for the new store.  There were carts willy nilly all over the parking lot, the entry was filthy, there was product knocked from the shelves on the floor, the produce department is different and they were out of several of our usual items.  Perhaps it will take some time for the new manager to get everything on an even keel again.  I left them one of my famous notes, if they are out of something or have moved something to some obscure spot..I write a friendly note signed with my name and phone number..I am sure the former owners looked forward to my little notes with great anticipation. It took the new manager four days to return my call to answer my question.

The hospital in town is full up with flu patients.  It seems to be hitting some people really hard.  So far so good our flu shot seems to be working!

Our yard and walkway will soon be covered in corn kernels.  One of my old friends suggested it as a way to combat the icy conditions after it rained.  The turkeys and squirrels think it is a fine idea.  Whole kernels work the best versus cracked corn.  It gives you some traction…Chance kinda likes it for a quick snack too.

The soft sunset colors were quite beautiful January 16 2013:)


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