Cancel Winter

I wish I could cancel winter.

Over half of this cold, dreary month is over.  January is one of my least favorite months, it runs a close second to December the other month I am not so thrilled with.

February comes in as my third least favorite, one of it’s redeeming qualities is that Far Guy celebrates his birthday and the month is short. What is not to like about a month that is almost over before it starts..and then March my fourth least favorite month..March is always a surprise and Spring can rear its head a time or two to keep things interesting.

I put up the January flag.

January Flag

We rarely see Cardinals..and this is one of my favorite flags…even if we don’t have holly or holly berries in Minnesota..I still like the bright colors in this flag.

Sometimes I wish I could cancel winter..go into hibernation after a great Thanksgiving dinner and wake up when the snow begins to melt in late March:)

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One Response to Cancel Winter

  1. Eddie Bashaw says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I HATE SNOW!!!

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