Chance: Sharing My Yard

Hiya!  It is finally me, Chance the wonder Bored Border Collie.

What a winter!  I have learned to share my yard. It ain’t easy.

I am supposed to lay silently on the landing and watch the Turkeys eat.  They come almost everyday.  They stay about fifteen minutes and then they move on.  Do you have any idea how hard it is not to bark?  It is very difficult.

Turkeys in the yard

Didyaknow they can fly?  If Far Guy isn’t paying attention and he lets me outside before they have left the yard..yes they can fly.

I get lectures about them, “Chance, don’t you be chasing turkeys..especially that Tom he has spurs on his feet and he will rip your eyeballs right out of your head.” Sounds serious.

Then there are the wild parties that the squirrels have..and that bunny.

Bunny Jan 17

That bunny keeps Far Side entertained every morning.  She says he can leap two feet straight up in the air.. I have never noticed that..I have  noticed he can run like the wind. I can tell when he leaps in the air..Far Side giggles..then she goes on and on about when she used to raise rabbits. I am not supposed to chase him either. Far Side has a soft spot for that bunny..and so far the fox and the coyotes haven’t got him.

Partry in the yard

We have a thief.  Yessiree right here in the yard..he is not happy with what the birds and Far Guy spill on the ground..he wants to help himself.

A thief Jan 17

I share my yard with a host of creatures..yesterday there were nine turkeys, eight squirrels and one bunny rabbit.  I tried to herd those thieving squirrels..not chasing..herding.. there is a difference:)


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  1. Sharron says:

    Hiya Chance. What a good dog you are! I can understand that it’s difficult having to share your yard, but they are all God’s creatures, too. Just rest up this Winter so you’ll have more energy when Summer comes. It’s so cold out anyway.

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