Meeting Ava

My niece Stacey and her husband welcomed their fourth daughter into the world earlier this month.

My daughter Jen enjoys taking photos of newborns..our home became the studio.

I was an assistant..and took a few photos myself.

Jen and Ava

Jen calms Ava.

jen and Ava Jan 18

Getting little hands “just right.”

Ava January 18 2013

I thought this hat was so cute.

Stacey and Ava

My niece Stacey and her newest daughter.

What a fun afternoon:)

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2 Responses to Meeting Ava

  1. I just read a piece called “The Beautiful and Efficient Anatmomy of Pregnancy” by
    Alexander Tsiaras. Then I saw your photos of Ava.
    How can anyone be so duped about an unborn baby being merely the “products of conception” as the pro abortionists have brainwashed so many to believe.
    The photos by you and the photos of unborn babies in the Tsiaras article proves that such propaganda are lies, pure and simple.

  2. Katrina says:

    What a stunningly beautiful niece you have, and what a sweet baby, too! She doesn’t look like a harried mama of four. As I recall, the fourth baby was pretty easy, though, because of all of the practice you have with the first three.

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