Deep Freeze

Oh, it is cold here.  Yesterday morning we had –21 F or –29C .  This morning we are headed to –30F or -34C if the forecasters are correct.  We won’t get above zero for a few days.

We feed the birds, Chance does his duties quickly and we will hunker in for the duration.  We have no need to go out..except to take photographs.

I have a multitude of projects that I am working on.  Some for the museum and some for me.  I am slowly making progress on my list.

We had a fun weekend with Jen, Andy and the boys here to visit.  We went out for ice cream..Jen said “ Why is it that we go out for ice cream in the middle of winter…then she answered herself..because we can!”  Chance always loves the company..Adam played “search” with him, Miney and Little Elvis tried to join in the game too.

The boys Jan 19

The boys were playing some kind of a game together…each on their own device.  Adam and I played “From Cheese” a game on my Kindle Fire…I was stuck on a level..he showed me how to get unstuck..then we got to a level that neither of us could figure out.  Adam said  “Gee Grandma you sure do have lots of books on your must have at least 50 books to read.”  ( I think perhaps my book hoarding has been discovered.)

The cold front came through on Saturday morning.


Jen and I made a quick trip out to take some photos on Saturday morning.   In the afternoon we walked down to my other brothers house for a baby shower for Teddy.

We talked about going into town to see the movie Lincoln..but it was too stormy, snowing, blowing and cold to venture out on Saturday evening.

Andy and Jen took over cooking on Saturday night and Sunday it was like a vacation for me! :)

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  1. Do see “Lincoln” when it is not so nasty…it is the best movie in years!

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