It is just cold.

I have thoughts of warmer times.

Roses on the wheels

When the roses were in bloom and when everything was green instead of


cold and white..yes that is a frosty grass in front of the wheels.

Family history, reading and scanning old obituaries has kept me occupied.

AND work..I had office work to catch up on for one of the huge mailings. Scheduling authors is a nightmare…fitting our schedule to their schedule is proving to be harder than I anticipated.   I scheduled speakers/programs for 2013 meetings a long time ago, the Board added a series on Minnesota local authors..we have four that they would like to feature…some time or another over the summer. I still need a catchy name for the any ideas?  If I schedule everything for Monday evenings I could call it Monday’s at the Museum.  Since Mondays are one of my days off I am shuddering at the thought of giving up four of my Mondays over the summer.


The low Monday morning was –28F or –33C.  I took this photo at 9PM on Monday evening and it is –20 F or –28C.

There are wind chill warnings for bitterly cold..imagine that:)

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  1. It IS colder than a witches ——–!
    ( a titches wit?)

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