Just hanging out

Waiting for the weather to warm up.  It was warmer yesterday, the HIGH all day was –2F or -18C but the wind was so very cold.  It has not been fit for man or beast. The  birds are busy at the feeders.


The little Red Polls are eating us out of house and home.  A ten pound bag of Niger thistle seed disappears every week.  Oh well..once you start feeding it is unfair to stop.

Redpoll cropped copy

How many can fit on the thistle feeder?


Sometimes there are so many feeding at once that it is impossible to count them.

One day I sat out on the bench. Just like that I could feel the air currents as hundreds of wings took flight, in a few seconds the air was filled with birds and the whoosh whoosh of their wings flapping away, then it was quiet. Very quiet.   Out of nowhere a Hawk appeared high up in a tree.  He surveyed the area, saw I was way to large to eat and flew off, just as I raised my camera ..darn.  That day the Redpolls didn’t return for a long time.

We usually have a few “slow birds” you know the ones.  The ones left behind when everyone else flies away..and they have the feeder all to themselves.  One day we worried about one for a long time..then he finally flew away.

Someone along the river in town has a Cardinal..I am very jealous..and if the guy wasn’t a pain in the butt I would ask if I could get some photos.

We are just hanging out..this is day five at home..I am going to see if a vehicle will start and go to town and buy some more birdseed.

Our HIGH today is supposed to be +2 F or –16C ..woohoo…almost summerlike compared to the last week:)

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2 Responses to Just hanging out

  1. This sounds so familiar…..a big flock of redpolls eating me out of house and home too. They come in together and leave together..real flocking among repolls.
    I think I buy more birdfood than people food these days. I sometimes fill feeders twice a day in this bitter cold.

  2. Jan - Alexandria says:

    Love your bird feeders! I really need to invest in some new ones for next season. We have had cardinals around for a few seasons. But always see one male and one female…never any little ones. I understand they nest later in the season. But this winter, we have several. One day I counted 6, the male and female and what appeared to be a young male and 3 young females. Wow! Then there was a pix in the paper from a neighbor who said she had multiple cardinals too. So I guess they are multiplying here. There are several pine trees tight together at the next lot and that seems to be where they come and go from. Come at dawn and dusk and some in between. But they are always the first there and last at night. Hope you get to have some too. They are so beautiful to see in their bright red feathers. Also have what I call a renigade flock of sparrows mixed with redpolls who sweep in and out like you said. I hadn’t had redpolls for a couple of years. Noisy! Really clean things out. Thanks for the photos as always. Really enjoy them!

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