Day at the beach

Sometimes it is a tad chilly at the beach.

Cold at the Osage Beach today

There is plenty of room in the parking lot on the hill, the benches are empty, the diving platform looks frozen in time and water.

Chance and I open our windows to see if we can catch a whiff of summery air.

Osage beach 2012 June (2)

Children laughing and splashing are a distant memory..did the sun ever shine?

The lake is frozen, the ice road snakes out amongst the fish houses all colors and shapes. Chance and I are like kids in a candy shop..the trip around the mill pond at Osage was the high point of our week.

A new fish house location

Someone was cutting a new hole for his fish house. He was using a gas powered ice auger.  His ice house looks brand spanking new to me.

Straight Lake Jan 24

We were sad when our icy voyage was over.

It was a great way to end our trip out for supplies..tomorrow we hope to go off on another adventure:)

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  1. Hope springs eternal! (when I saw the photo of the summertime millpond in Osage!
    I know that spot well.

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