Dogs and Halos

Okay..this is the scoop on the Sun Dogs.  Sun Dogs usually show up in cold weather and when the sun is low on the horizon.

You can have sun dogs with halos or without.

This is without.

Sundog (2)

A sundog is a bright area on either side of the sun.  They can look like mock suns, bright spots or little rainbows.  They are caused by hexagonal shaped ice crystals high in the frigid air catching the light.  When all the ice crystals are organized vertically and marching like soldiers through the air they make sundogs.

Sundogs one

Can you see the halo now?  Halos often called Ice Halos are caused by refraction of light off of ice crystals that are willy nilly and unorganized the light is refracted in all directions from the sun.   Sundogs and Halo

These photos were taken out the car window yesterday January 25.  Far Guy had an appointment and Chance and I rode shotgun.

Have you seen sun dogs before?

These dogs were the highlight of our day..other than the one next to us at the gas station where Chance rolled down his window and barked his head off at some fluffy little man eating dog:)

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2 Responses to Dogs and Halos

  1. judy says:

    I have seen sundogs! It’s always a treat to see them…and it does seem to be only on the coldest days that they show up. One spectacle I thoroughly enjoy, and almost never see, is the northern lights. Thanks for the sundogs, Farside!

  2. We saw two big sun dogs yesterday…always when it is so cold.
    I just read ASTRO BOB and learned that the beautiful full moon is a Wolf Moon.
    I have to look up the others…every month’s full moon has a name, I think.
    Nice sun dog photos.

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