Camera Shopping

I hate in store shopping..but I had a list..checked it twice and wrote down what I thought I needed and the sale prices if I would have ordered off the Internet.

Next stop Best Buy..I was searching for a new point and shoot.  I have been researching them. So many choices. If you have to shop..then shop..I tried every Canon camera out..I even set off one of their alarms..I knew almost as much about their cameras as they did.  Far Guy paced around..he knew I needed a little time to try them all out.   Some were scrawny..some were too heavy..some had awkward pop up flashes…up and down the row I went.  None were exactly like my old sticky button point and shoot.

Old Camera

My old point and shoot a Canon SX 110 IS is temperamental..sometimes the on /off switch works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Then I gently shake it and it works again for awhile. I have loved that camera…I think it is about four years old and it has served me well.

I do not like to take my other fancy new camera out when it is is heavy and just not what I need on a walk in the slip and fall and the camera and I would be upset.  All the lenses and the huge camera bag are sometimes a pain in the butt.

I  needed a little camera to stick in my pocket. A fit in your hand comfortable camera.

New Camera

I chose a Canon  (of course) a SX160 IS  and I think I will like it. The cover for the SD card and batteries is a little stiff for arthritic fingers..I swear every camera they design has a different cover and mode of operation…( a woman did not design them.)

Far Guy is the lucky recipient of my old point and shoot…I can borrow it back any time.

Anyways..I wanted to share with you that when I was shopping at Best Buy..I told the salesman that I could order it off the Internet for $10.00 less..he said tell the I did and I got the 10 bucks off.  Everything else was as priced as advertised..Flash drives and SD cards.

The only thing I didn’t get was a new camera case.  I like a case with a strap so I can sling it over my shoulder or hide it under my parka in the winter.

It takes good photos of Chance.  He wasn’t very impressed..but at least his eyes are mostly open…he wanted to ignore me.


Time will tell.  I ordered some extensions tubes for my fancy smancy camera and haven’t had time to try them out yet..but I am done camera shopping for awhile:)

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